U Square Spotlight: MODO Yoga


April 15, 2014

Students at MODO Yoga Clifton are taking the phrase, “You look hot!” to a whole new level. The yoga and Pilates practice cranks the temperature in its studio to a steamy 98 to 100 degrees to help its students increase their flexibility in the poses.


MODO derives its name from the word modus, which means, “the way that something is done or the path that is followed to the destination.” According Michael Bradley – who with his wife owns the MODO studios in Clifton, Columbia Tusculum and Northern Kentucky – there are seven guiding principles against which the company operates.

“We call them the seven pillars,” he explains. “Our practice is founded on environmental awareness and social outreach. The seven pillars form what is essentially a roadmap to success.”

MODO’s seven pillars include:

  • Be Healthy: Work to support lifelong health for the body and mind.
  • Be Accessible: Use clear and simple language, clear modifications for yoga poses and make yoga accessible to all.
  • Live Green: From locally sourced supplies to green cleaning products, MODO works to protect and serve the natural world.
  • Sangha Support: Sangha  means “community,” so the company works to foster a sense of community among its students and through collaborations with local businesses and nonprofits.
  • Reach Out: Yoga is all about karma, so MODO offers by-donation classes that pay it forward.
  • Live to Learn: MODO teachers commit to being students for life so that they – and their students – continue to evolve as a big, sweaty family.
  • Be Peace: “When we improve ourselves from within, we have more to offer our family, our community and the world. For us, this is what yoga is all about,” says Michael.

With all that positive energy being sent out into the universe, it’s no wonder MODO Yoga Clifton continues to grow. The studio offers approximately 30 classes at varying times each week, including hot flow, yin and MODO Music.

Michael says Clifton was the perfect place to expand his yoga business. “There’s just a great energy in the area. It’s easily accessible from Over-the-Rhine and other urban core neighborhoods. Plus the opportunity to anchor a new development was really attractive to us,” he notes.

To learn more about MODO Yoga, visit http://clifton.modoyoga.com or stop in at 150 West McMillan Street. And if you pick up one of our Something for U coupon books at participating retailers (like MODO!) you can even find a coupon to try unlimited MODO Yoga for one month, for just $30.